Wet n’ Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Review.

Hey there, bow friends!

I’m so glad it’s finally Friday and I can get to spend some time talking to you! School is always a little uneasy in the beginning, but I’m settled and am making more time for B&B than I thought possible! Onto the review!

I went to the store with Mother bow to grab some bits for my room. I was getting face wipes when I walked by the Wet ‘n Wild section. I was on the search for Bare It All, but I had no luck finding it. I did find Sunset Peach though. I grabbed it for..$2.70 I believe! But I’ve found it at Walgreens for much less! I’ve never tried any Wet ‘n Wild lip products, but I will most definitely be doing so in the future.

In the bullet it looks quite pink with gold shimmer. I’d say the way the shade is actually photographed for the website is extremely misleading. It looks like an extremely frosty peach sorbet shade. On the lips in comes out like a perfect rosy pink peach. Sad thing is I was searching for a lipstick like this all summer. I’ll still be wearing it during the fall anyways.


Sunset Peach; Sunset Peach and Coral Rush.


I’ve been wearing Sunset Peach daily and find it’s the perfect peachy shade for my skin tone. The consistency of the lipstick is surprisingly wonderful. It glides on smooth and is actually quite long lasting. Without food or drink, it stayed perfect for about 5 hours. If you’ve got chapped lips this doesn’t Seem to accentuate the dryness, but I always apply a lip balm beforehand. Depending on my mood I may wear it alone or with a lipgloss. My favorite combination is Sunset Peach and Lancôme’s Juicy Tube in Coral Rush. The scent of the gloss actually reminds me of red starbursts. Speaking of scent! I was surprised that this lipstick didn’t have a sort of plastic scent. It is lacking any other kind of scent though, but I don’t mind.

I hope you all are doing well! It’s study time for me!

I’ll talk to you all very soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

5 thoughts on “Wet n’ Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Review.

    • beausandbows

      I really hope they are all as nice as this one! Even without the lipgloss it doesn’t dry out the lips and the pigmentation is nothing short of awesome.

      By the way, I must say I just about died with excitement when I saw your comment. I’m an enormous fan of yours! You’re one of my favorites.

    • beausandbows

      Really?! I’m glad! I adore it! Every time I pop into the store and I look at the Wet N Wild display, most of the other shades are all gone and there’s 12 tubes of this one. I think everyone needs to give it a try!

      -Tara Joy

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