The Long Awaited Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup Review.

Hey there, bow friends!

I’m sorry I took so long to follow up on this foundation, but I wanted to use it long enough to give you all the proper details!  Are you ready for a ton of pictures of my face?  Ready or not…

Price – $14.00 for 0.8 fl ounces of product

Packaging: The product comes in a heavy glass jar that makes it appear like there is much more product than there really is.  The glass does make it feel more luxurious, I just wish it contained more of the foundation.  When you open it, there’s a white lid that keeps the jar from becoming a big old whipped creme mess.

Product: As the name reveals, it is a creme make up. It doesn’t feel sticky at all which is a major plus for me and my oily skin.  It is more of a satin or velvet finish.  The texture is quite smooth and it blends out remarkably well.   I’d say it’s a light to medium coverage foundation.  You can build it up to a more medium to full coverage with a smidgen more though! It does take a few minutes to set properly which allows you time to blend it out properly.  It can look quite natural if you really take the time to buff it in.  Speaking of time, it has a 24 hour lasting claim.  I also appreciate that there isn’t a harsh smell.  Colorstay liquid foundations are known for their rather plasticy scent, but this product is free of that.

On to the application!

I’ve broken out a bit which I thought would come to my advantage in showing you how this covers blemishes. How glamorous.

So I start with a clean face and my Rimmel London Fix & Perfect primer.  I have pretty oily skin and tend to get very shiny in my T-zone and chin area.

I apply it with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush and go on a delicate stippling rampage.

Goofy faces at the camera man are just natural.  And those dark circles..lets embrace them.

After a light stippling, I stipple some more, but with more of a buffing motion to get it applied in a perfect thin layer.

Suuuuuch a sooooooft bruuuuuush.

This type of dual fibered brush really helps apply the product evenly and quickly too!

I set this foundation with my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent.  It really helps it last and keep my oils under control. As you can see, the foundation does a pretty good job of covering up a lot of the redness of my blemishes.  It helps my face maintain a healthy glow.

It works quite nicely with all my usual day to day make up and it doesn’t react at all with my E.L.F. Studio Makeup Mist & Set.  Let’s challenge the 24 hour claim!

After a full day of walking around in the German sun, it held up pretty well!

After 4 hours there isn’t much fading at all, and if there is it’s around the bridge of my nose.  At ten hours, my skin starts to appear shiny in the cheeks and nose area.  I don’t ever wear my makeup for 24 hours, but I will say that it lasted a great amount of time considering all the sweating I did that day (yum).

I give this foundation a 4.7/5.  It’s completely worth the money and perfect for my oily skin.  Have you tried it?  What do you think of it?  Let me know!

That was long one (Phew!), but I think it’s important to know absolutely everything about it.

Have a lovely weekend, bow friends!  I’ll talk to you soon.

– Tara Joy ❤

4 thoughts on “The Long Awaited Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup Review.

  1. mabel harri

    I know this is an old post but my local Walmart sells 330 true beige! Did you find this color has a yellow or pink base? Thank you!

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