Collective Haul.

Hello, bow friends! As the title suggests, this is a collective haul! I’ve been slowly collecting things to prepare for two things: my return to college dorm life (woo.) and -drumroll- a lovely trip to Germany with my beau! Mama Bow and I have been searching every close out store you can imagine for dorm things and have found really awesome deals on some brand name items! We also took a little trip to a Gap outlet and with 3 minutes until closing..we bought quite a lot of things. Enough with this chit chat. On to part 1!

Hot Tools 1 inch Ceramic Flat Iron in Bubble print – My very lovely, ancient, and hot pink flat iron got a great crack in its ceramic plate a few months ago and I’ve been dying for a new one of a better brand. Apparently this straightener retails at $130.00. Guess how much I paid? $30.00. Where did I find this beauty? TJMaxx! I never go into that store, but Mother bow insisted we go since we never had before. Best deal ever.

Gap Travel Jewelry case – Now this was a last minute purchase when I was up at the register (that’s how they get you). It was originally $14.95, but I got it for $6.95. Victory! I love outlet prices. I couldn’t find it online, but here’s a really nifty DIY to make one quite similar to it!

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel – When I saw that this shower gel was mango scented and from The Body Shop I basically grabbed it and ran. The smell of mango is so rich, sweet, and slightly tart. I’m so excited to use this. It’s retail price is $8.00 and I snagged it for $3.99 at the lovely TJ Maxx.

The Body Shop Limited Edition Papaya Body Butter – This was the next thing I almost peed myself over. I’m not a big papaya fan, but I love the fresh scent of this body butter. I’ve never used one before to be honest. My dad absolutely loves them and I wanted to see if I’d like them myself. I just found out that it’s limited edition (squee!)which excites me on top of what I paid for it. Retail price? $19.00 (ouch). TJ Maxx price? $4.99. Yes.

Gap Nail Polish in Daffodil – Now. By the cash register was a lovely display of pastel polishes. I immediately began going through them and then realized I already had all of those colors. Saddest of faces. So I thought, “Hey! I’ll just get one I don’t have!” So I grabbed this yellow polish. I got in the car, pulled it out, and realized. This is the oddest color I’ve ever seen. I’ll be doing a NOTD for you to see what I mean. I’ve used it once and it actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be! $6.00 polish that I scored for $3.00!

Gap Kids bangle set – Believe it or wrists are small enough for this! And they are adorable. I’m not much of an animal print girl, but this is a simple way to mix prints. They were originally -get this-$14.99. Yeah. I grabbed them for $4.99. I can’t find these online at all because they were on sale, but here’s a lovely thicker one!

Part 2 will be on it’s way soon! So much running around and errands has really sucked up my blog time, but I promise I’m not going anywhere! Have a lovely Friday, bowies!

-Tara Joy❤

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