Face Products for Summer.

Do you love summer skin as much as I do? You know, summer skin. Tanned, glowy, and moisturized. Well, it is one of my favorite times of year for skin. Having oily skin, it is sometimes a struggle to keep my skin healthy looking without it looking overly oily and nasty. So here’s how I do it!

I really wanted to make a post of all the things I slather on my face and figured summer was the perfect time for it!

  • Right after I wash my face I pour some Simple Soothing Facial Toner on a cotton pad and pat it on. I tend to focus it on my T-zone.
  • While my skin is soaking up all that lovely goodness, I roll on a Revitalizing Eye Roll-On under my eyes. I’ve never used an eye product like this, but I’ve decided it’s completely lovely.
  • Once my toner is dry and everything I take a full pump of the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer and apply an even layer on my entire face. Usually while this is absorbing into my skin I start blow drying my hair and getting dressed.
  • Next step – Rimmel London Fix & Perfect primer. This is the first and only primer I’ve ever used. I’m in love with it. Enough that I bought three extra back up bottles. It is super mattifying (which I love).
  • Unfortunately, none of these products have SPF in them. So I reach for my Alba Botanica Hawaiian SPF 30 natural sunblock. My beaufriend bought this for me and I adore it. It isn’t sticky or greasy and smells of luscious pineapple (freakin yum).

And that my dearests, is that. It’s not much, but it keeps my skin feeling lovely through out the day.

What are your favorite products to help your skin withstand the summer heat and sun? Let me know!

-Tara Joy ❤

PS – Whoa. Could I say “skin” anymore?

6 thoughts on “Face Products for Summer.

  1. freedomstump

    I had that toner, used it almost up, and I was going to buy some more but then I found an even better one. (mario badescu). Also, I am 13 so would the eye product be of any use to me?

    • beausandbows

      I think this kind of eye product would be good! I’m pretty positive it’s organic and all natural which shouldn’t effect anyone’s eye area poorly. It’s pretty soothing for morning after a long night. It’s really cooling and good at de-puffing bags, not a miracle, but good. I think if you really are interested in eye creams, this would be a good one to start with. The skin under your eyes is so thin and loses moisture quickly. I think 13 sounds like a good time to start (:

      -Tara Joy

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