Colorado Haul!

So if there’s one thing I did in was shop.  And boy did I shop.  I bought a bunch of things for friends and family, but here are the clothes, accessories, and bits and bobs I snatched up!

Forever 21 Floral shirt – You have all seen this lovely beauty before!  Oh man.  I found this and I basically threw it in my basket and did a happy dance.  I don’t have many bright colors in my wardrobe and especially not many vibrant florals.  I believe it was $12.95 and I didn’t think that was too pricey at all.

Forever 21 Cross tee – This was also a moment where I saw something and just knew I was gonna lay down some cash for it.  I dug through half a dozen messy sale bins and found this gem.  It was $5.95 – MEGA STEAL.  And may I say this is my new, comfy, go-to, statement t-shirt (phew).

Urban Outfitters BDG Blue t-shirt – $4.95 for an UO t-shirt?  S-t-e-a-l.  BDG is one of my favorite UO brands and when I saw this I had to have it.  I have a special place in my heart for thin, blue, plain t-shirts.

H&M Sleeveless sheer blouse – Have I mentioned a lot of things I got were a steal?  This lovely H&M top was $5.95.  I haven’t found the proper way to wear it just yet, but when I do expect an OOTD!

H&M Straw Boater hat – When I saw this the first thing my beaufriend said was “You need to buy that.  You. Look.  So.  Cute.”  And so I did.  Amazing choice.  Plus..the bow accent had me sold!

Goodwill quilted purse – I saw a post done by Louise (one of my all time favorite bloggers) on reasonably priced quilted purses.  Now I love Chanel purses, but there’s no way I can afford one so when I saw this one for $4.95 at Goodwill I grabbed it and ran.  It’s a lovely navy color and it’s so adorable.

Kimchi Blue Brand Black Flats – I had run my Gap black flats into the ground and was looking for a new pair.  These were simple, easy to clean, and on sale for $20.00.  Not the best deal, but still reasonable.

Forever 21 Jelly-style bow flats – When I walked into Forever 21 I said “Beau, don’t let me buy shoes.  I don’t need more shoes.”  And then I saw these.  I never had jellies as a kid, but I always wanted some.  At $14.95 I thought these would fulfill my childhood dreams and they did so much more than that.  The bows on them made it so much easier to spend money on them.  I will admit, after a few hours and some feet sweat action (yum..) I did get some blisters.  We’ll get to that part later.

1.  H&M White Blossom Eau de Toilette – I wanted a new perfume or body spray and didn’t want to spend much on it.  And this beauty was $4.95.  It smells like the sweetest freshest flowers with a little spritz of citrus.  I’ll go purchase the body wash as soon as I can.

2.  NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paolo – I ADORE this product and I’m gonna pick up more in the future.  The formula is great and the color is lovely.  I will say that the first time I put some on I thought “Wow..this makes me look extra Puerto Rican.”  And although it does, my beau thinks I should embrace it.  And I will.  Especially for $5.99 at UO.

3. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain in Smitten – This is my new favorite lip product.  Oh man is it amazing.  At first I also thought the color brought out too much of my Spanish side, but now I feel like it’s the perfect shade for me.  I believe it was..$7.99?

4.  E.L.F. Make up Mist and Set – I’ve never worn a setting spray before, but for $3.00 I thought I’d give it a go and I love it.  It really does help my face make up keep for longer.

5.  NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Cashmere Creme – I needed some polish just to get me through my manicureless trip and I believe this was $.94.  Not my favorite shade or formula, but it did the job.

6. NYC Long Wearing Top Coat – This was also $.94 and it was okay.  I believe I’ll use it for one of these ideas from the lovely blog written by “Thrifty”.  She has an amazing blog with tons of nifty ideas to help organize and save a few dollars.

7.  Lush Lip Tint in It Started With A Kiss – I wrote a full review on this lip tint here!  I prefer it as a cheek product when mixed with a bit of foundation.  I don’t like the price of $8.00 though.

8.  Forever 21 spiked rings –  I thought I lost my spiked rings from a pack I bought at Kohls for $12.00.  I then got these for $1.50.  Talk about a big difference.

9.   YSL button from the Denver museum – It was kind of pricey at $3.00, but I couldn’t leave without it.

10.  DrScholl’s  Blister treatment bandaids –  So after the jelly shoe blisters, my superhero of a beaufriend picked these up for me and I swear they saved my life.  Consider this a new essential for breaking in new shoes.

11.  Incroyables by Melissa May Latex Bow – While waiting in line to pay for my YSL goodies, my beau found this and demanded I get it.   And so I did! Have a peek at Melissa May’s designs and her etsy shop as well!

12.  Wholefoods B-vitamins for Vegetarians – My beau was pushing that I start taking vitamins again they are!   I love them because I only have to take them once a day!

Well that’s all for today (I think…)!

I’m off to run errands and possibly a trip to Goodwill?

Have good day, bow friends!  The week is almost over. Chin up!

-Tara Joy ❤

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