FOTD My beau doesn’t like it when I wear make up edition.

Good morning, bow friends!

It isn’t morning here in Colorado anymore because I..slept in a tad bit late (heehee..), but alas!  Good morning!

So as I shared with you all last night, I went Go-karting with the beau and his family.  If you’ve ever been on super speed go-karts (the kind that require a helmet and go over 40 mph) you will know you have to put this ski mask type deal on your face plus a helmet.  Another factor is that my beau likes it better when I don’t wear much make up or any at all (aww…) so!  Solution!  Here are the special featured products for that!

Garnier BB Cream in Medium/Deep – I applied this to the center of my face and buffed it out onto my cheeks.

NYC Eyeliner in Taupe – Beau actually found this for me!  It’s magical and I patted Lancome’s Effortless eyeshadow over it.

Lush Lip Tint in It Started With a Kiss – As a blush!  I mixed it with a dab of BB cream and applied it with a foundation brush.  New favorite blush.  I adore it.

And that is that, dear!  I’m gonna be taking a short sweet trip to the store to figure out my blood pressure (eek) and to take a quick peek at the Revlon Kissable Lip Stain Balm..things!  So if I can hunt them down there might be a review (Woohoo!).


Have a lovely day, bow friends!

– Tara Joy ❤

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