What’s in my bag.

I had been on the hunt to find a simple tote bag to replace the one I use everyday since it started to look a little grungy.  I searched high and low.  H&M, Forever 21, Aldo, and every place in between.  Yesterday I popped into Ikea with my one and only beaufriend and we spent a considerable amount of time walking around. We entered the Market Place area and it was like..the sun came down from the heavens and set the display in a white shimmery light.  And that’s where I found my black and white horizontal striped tote for $4.99.  Heaven sent really.  So I thought I’d do a What’s in my bag post in honor of my new tote.  So I’ve got my bag, and my small emergency bag as well (more like a cosmetic emergency).


1 Revlon eyelash curler – I never really carry this, but it sure does come in handy.

2 Secret clinical deodorant – A new must have for me since my beaufriend likes spontaneous hikes and mountain adventures.

3 Pop out brush and compact – I never owned one of them, but as a kid I always wanted to.  And it is so handy.  Plus I keep my bobby pins and hair elastics inside for hair emergency.

4 5 RPM Gum – Wonderful deliciousness.

5 My one and only iphone4s Which I think I’ll call Frida for reasons I’ll reveal another day!

6 Ray-Bans case – They don’t hold Ray-Bans anymore, but they do hold some thrifted cat eye sunnies.  RIP Black Ray-Bans.

7 Notebook/headband – The beau got this for me from The Container Store (It’s amazing.  Hands down one of the coolest stores ever) so I could write down blog post ideas.  Oh and my headband for emergencies.

8 iPod nano – I think it’s a newer one..but mine got stolen so my dad gave me his!  It’s currently filled to the brim with Spanish tunes, thanks Daddy.

9 Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara – The beaufriend likes when I don’t wear make up, so sometimes I sneak away and curl my lashes and put on a few coats of this.  It isn’t the best mascara ever, but it does the job for a short while.

10 Fossil mint wallet – My new little love!  My old wallet was a hunter green buckled wallet from Urban Outfitters and it lasted a good two years, but it was time for a lovely upgrade.  The change pocket isn’t very big though, hence the loose change.

11 On to the cosmetic bag!

Cosmetic bag:

1 E.l.f. Clarifying pressed powder – I use this to touch up my T-zone to get it a bit less shiny and apparently it also has salicylic acid in it.  So woo for that.

2 EOS mint lip balm – My favorite lip balm which I’m trying to get through because my mom got me a berry EOS lip balm which I would really like to break into.

3 Maybelline Baby Lips Tinted in Grape Vine – I adore this lip balm.  I had gone through a Minty Baby Lips lint balm and couldn’t survive without grabbing another one.  It smells just like Koolaid.  I tend to put it on over my more dark cherry  lipsticks.

4  USB – The cutest and most handy USB drive ever.

5 Lush Lip Tint in It Started With a Kiss – I did a full review on this in my last post!

6 Oh, Lola! Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum roller ball – This was one of the free gifts from a perfume set I got for my mom.  I can’t live without it and I’ve decided that it’s my signature scent.

7 EOS hand cream in Cucumber – This is a lifesaver for anyone who gets dry hands after hand washing and sanitizing.  The packaging is lovely as well.

8 Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in Nectarine Mint – Not my favorite scent, but it does the job.

9 Pencil case – This was a lovely gift from my best bow friend, Rainy.  I believe it’s from Modcloth.

10 Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets – I use these before my e.l.f. pressed powder.  I’m trying to get through it as well so I can get the Hello Kitty ones..guilty pleasure.

11 Carmex – My new love!  My beaufriend got me a few of these and truth is I had never tried it before because I thought the packaging was rubbish.  It reminded me of McDonalds.  I’ve been converted.  I’m in love with this and all the magic that it works.

12 Lancome Mascara Hypnose Drama Mascara – This is a good sized sample I got as a part of a Lancome gift set a friend gave me.  This is so lovely.  I believe I might splurge on the full size when I run out.

13 Sei Bella Lip Brush – A gift from my mom!  I had never had a lip brush and I actually just discovered it’s great to apply my Lush Lip Tint with!

14 COS Bar emery board – This is a new must for me because I just keep breaking my nails while we are out and about.

15 Tide to go pen – For all those sad emergencies.  Let’s just say they happen often for me.


And that is that, my dears!  Any questions?  I have answers!

Have a lovely Monday!

– Tara Joy  ❤

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