Lush Lip Tint Review.

During my lovely day trip to Boulder, we popped into Lush!  I’m always so happy to get to Lush and pick out a million things and then..look at the prices and stick them all back.  There’s just something about paying $8.00 for something I can only use once  (tip for that? I break all my bath bombs into pieces before using them).  I usually receive a lot of stuff from Lush for Christmas since I’m a huge fan of Christmas scents for bath things.  I’m rambling.

So I’ve been trying to find a good lip tint to wear during the Spring and Summer time that does a few things.  A.  Compliments my skin tone well B.  Has lasting power  C. Keeps my lips moisturized D. Doesn’t rub off on my beau’s lips when I give him a smooch.  I’ve tried a few different ones not from Lush, but not in this sort of shade.  I snatched up the Lush Lip Tint in It Started With A Kiss.  It was $8.95 (semi pricy in comparison to some of the other Lush lip balms) for one and is a lovely bright raspberry color.

The super peppy Lush employee was explaining to me that a little goes a long way with the balm and that it is easily built up.  She was definitely right (as seen in the swatch picture above!).  It is quite pigmented and has a nice smooth texture.  It isn’t as moisturizing as I wish it was. It dried a bit and left my lips sticky.  I applied EOS lip balm before hand and it applied a bunch better and stayed on longer.  Which is another thing.  After an hour or so I was tempted to reapply which was a bit disappointing.  I was hoping it would keep since it’s just so pigmented.  As far as the kiss test went, hoorah!  It did not transfer and my beaufriend was pleased.  It is a great and slightly musky vanilla rose scent.  The Lush employee also told me it works well as a blush when mixed with some foundation or moisturizer.  Yet to have tried that, but I’ll let you know!  As far as on my lips go, I adore the color.  Not the best at keeping my lips moisturized, but the color is super.  I don’t think I’d purchase this one again because I can’t justify the price especially since I mostly just like it for its color.

I hope this was helpful!  Want more reviews? Let me know!  Any questions? Ask!   Ever used this Lip tint? What did you think?  Know a better lip tint? TELL!

Have a super fantastically amazing day doing what you’re doing!

Yup.  That sounded odd.  Later, bow friends!

-Tara Joy ❤

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