Daily make up products.

I’m the new kid around here and you haven’t seen very much of me so I was thinking…hey!  Maybe you’d like to know what I slap on my face for the day.  I will say this.  I’m not going to include my moisturizer, primer, or SPF.  I’ll leave that for another day.  This isn’t necessarily going to be a group of reviews, but I can do specific ones if requested.  But anyways, here we are!

Concealer – Under the eyes I use the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting concealer in Buff.  It really brightens up any dark circles I have.  As far as blemishes go, I never used a concealer before.  Just recently my mom bought me the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body in 05 Creamy Tan with SPF 15 (phew).  I actually use it as a spot concealer and it does a great job.

Foundation – Now if I’m just out and about and it isn’t sweltering outside I’d usually wear a BB cream, but if I’m trying to look a little spiffier and it’s too warm for a BB cream, I go for my Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup in 050 Medium Beige.  Now this foundation has a pretty awful reputation, but I’ve learned that it looks wonderful when buffed into the skin using a stippling or buffing brush.

Powder – This is probably one of my favorite steps (who knows why).  I absolutely love setting my foundation and to do so I use Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 020 Nude Beige. I concentrate the powder mostly over my T-zone seeing that I have intensely oily skin and I prefer a matte face.

Bronzer – I have had this bronzer for ages.  My mom bought me this as well!  It’s actually a Nicole Miller Mineral Foundation in Warm Tan (SPF 15).  So yes, I use it as a bronzer and I apply it in the E/3 method.  Temples, to contour area, to jawline.  I’m not much of a contour-er mainly because I haven’t found the right, subtle, contouring shade.

Blush – My favorite daily blush ever is a Lancome Peach Rose (I believe that’s the name) blush.  problem is the compact the blush is in broke so I put it in a white plastic tray.  This makes it unbearably tough to take it with me when I travel.  Problem solved!  I found a cheap dupe for it!  It’s an e.l.f. blush in Tickled Pink. If I know I’ll be out and about for a while, I’ll actually apply a Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Rose Petal 15 first and then set it with Tickled Pink.

Highlighter – I was on the look out for a good drugstore highlighter for..let’s just say forever.  I like matte highlighters best and quite honestly I’m still on the hunt for one (if you know of one, let me know! <3).  I did find something to use in the mean time which is the Hard Candy Moon Glow Luminizing Powder in 288 Luminizing.  It’s a bit too shimmer/sparkly for my taste, but for now it will do.

Eyes – In order to prime my eyes I use a Lancome Eye Primer in Nude 0500.  I next apply a Botanics (a Boots brand! <3) Eye Colour eyeshadow in 04 Sweet Ginger on my lid up to the crease.  I blend in an Urban Decay eyeshadow in Toasted into my crease.  I haven’t been too big of an eyeliner girl recently, so I’ve been tapping my eyeliner brush into some water and then pinking up some Lancome eyeshadow in the color Effortless.  I press this along my upper lash line and wing it out slightly. I curl my lashes with my Revlon eyelash curler and I’ve just started using the Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Waterproof Mascara in 003 Blackened Brown.

Lips – While I do all my make up I usually apply Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm to soften and smooth out my lips.  When my face is done my lips have usually by now soaked up all the Carmex-y goodness and are ready for some color!  If I feel like wearing lipstick, I’ll go for a my-lips-but-better color which is a Flirt! brand Chickstick in 21 Sizzle.  If you didn’t know, Flirt! brand is actually owned by the same company that owns MAC and Estee Lauder (who knew!).

And that is that, my bow friends!  I hope you enjoyed this uber descriptive post.  Remember!  If any of these products have sparked your interest I’m totally more than willing to review them for you in a much greater detail.

Now I’m off to split a cookie and some milk with my beau!

Have a lovely day, my dearests!

-Tara Joy ❤

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