Lush’s Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar – A Hair Revelation.

Jumping Juniper

Hey there bow friends!

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that I have oily skin as well as an oily scalp.  My hair becomes a gross grease ball really easily and I often times resort to washing it everyday or drowning it in dry shampoo.  So let’s take rewind to a few weeks ago when I stepped into Lush.

I have been thinking of Beau’s sister a lot (She has started college this fall and I’m just really proud of her.) and being in Lush that day inspired me to try things she has used or talked about in the past. I have seen her peruse the shampoo bars time and time again and I’m thinking maybe she’s onto something.  To be honest, the thought of a solid shampoo was just scary, but for some reason I stepped out of my comfort zone and went for it.  I have no regrets.

Jumping Juniper cuts through the oil and dirt in my hair and offers an incredibly deep clean.  Most clarifying shampoos strip my hair and make it feel straw like and stiff.  This shampoo bar actually makes my hair so soft and shiny.  I have colored hair and haven’t noticed any color in the tub or staining of towels after showers either.  I don’t notice any scent in my hair afterward (which is a shame because the bar smells heavenly), but it’s still lovely nonetheless.  Oh, and the best thing?  It helps my hair keep cleaner for longer and it feels much healthier.

“So Tara, how do you use the thing?”  Well my dear, I use this bar every other day as to not do some clarifying overkill, but I use it in a very specific way. I find the best method is to wet the bar as well as my hair and then gently swipe the bar on my scalp, the crown of my head, and all along my hairline.  And yeah, one swipe is all you need.  The bar produces an incredible lather that thoroughly cleans my tresses.  Because of the one swipe method, I think this little bar is going to last me forever.  I think it’s worth a shot.

What do you all think?  Have you used a solid shampoo before?  It’s a little fiddly to store, but man is it awesome.  And fast.  Especially in the morning when I’m running late.  Speaking of, if I don’t get to bed, I won’t be able to wake up tomorrow.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

BowTube: Fancy Beauty Haul & Get Ready With Me.

High End Haul

Hey there bow friends,

I have been dabbling into higher end products these days and thought I would show you how they look since I haven’t done FOTD posts in maybe..2 years.  Oi.  I’m very proud of this video, actually as this is one of the first videos on my channel with new, awesome audio thanks to an investment in a new microphone! I hope you all enjoy and please do tell me any products I’ve shown that you would like more details about.  I haven’t reviewed anything in a while and I’d really love to get back into that groove.

Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control PrimerRT Miracle Complexion SpongeTarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage FoundationJosie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee;  MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot;
Too Faced Better Than Sex MascaraRimmel Moisture Renew Lip Liner.

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves these days and are happy.  I also hope you’re enjoying your fall seasons!  If I had anything close to fall weather right now, I’d be loving it.  I’m definitely jealous.  But anyways, have a good week!

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

Haul: A Trip to the Target Dollar Section.

Dollar Section Goodies

Postcards Pots StickiesHey bow friends!~

One of my favorite things to do is storm the dollar section at Target.  Most times, a lot of the products in there are a little junky or a little useless, but every once in a while there are some awesome hidden gems.  Plus, my budget for things has shrunken greatly since I’ve moved into my own apartment.  Pretending to be a real adult is hard.  And expensive.

So what’d I find on this trip?  My favorite thing to grab from this section is stationary.  If you’ve ever won one of my giveaways or bought anything from my poshmark shop, you have probably received an awesome Target dollar section thank you card.  This time around I found these adorable postcards that I think they might take a little trip to some friends I miss.  I also found some b&b colored alphabet stickers that are really cute.

Lastly, some petite storage solutions.  The most exciting of the bunch are these mini versions of the IKEA Skurar pot.  I use the IKEA one for my makeup brushes and I think these little ones might end up as makeup storage too.  The rectangular plastic bins came in a set of two, which will be perfect for holding my face washes and toothpaste in the bathroom.

I hope this post encouraged you to peruse your dollar sections more.  Sometimes there’s some pretty nifty (not junky) things in there that could potentially sneak their way into your cart.  Plus, there’s usually some cookies, super glue, or batteries to be found too.

I hope you’re all having an awesome weekend!  Does it feel like fall yet where you are?  If so, I’m jealous.

We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy ❤

Freeman Coffee & Chai Energizing Paper Eye Mask Review.

Early morning mask timeHey there bow friends,

So today I did the strangest thing.  I woke up early to pamper my skin.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Tara, how could you possibly wake up early to do a mask before your 10 am class when you went to bed at 3 am after doing hours of  Organic Chemistry?  Priorities.”  Well.  That late night meant that my eyes were sore, stingy, and puffy.

I needed a quick fix and remembered that a while back I picked up one of these Freeman Coffee & Chai Energizing Paper Eye Masks. I had stuck it in the fridge so it could get its chill on.  I figured the coolness, much like the coolness of the roller ball in the Origins No-Puffery roll on,  would help depuff my little eyes away.

Nanananananananan Batmask

In order to help my eyes feel less like they had lemon juice in them, I broke out this sheet mask and became Robin of Batman and Robin.  The little sheet mask is soaked in coffee and chai essence and applies really comfortably.  Unlike some other sheet masks, it wasn’t over soaking in product and the sheet itself was soft.  I left it on for 10 minutes while I had my breakfast and then removed it.  The instructions say not to wash away the leftover essence and I found that the excess melting into my skin with ease.Depuffed magicTo my surprise, my eyes not only felt better, but were noticeably less puffy.  My skin was soft and had a really hydrated appearance.  I have had awesome luck with all of Freeman’s sheet masks and other masks in the past and am happy to say that I’ll be repurchasing this little guy for a future late night.  I’m imagining any of you 21+ people might like these for hangover mornings or even just in general.  No drinking required.

What do you guys think?  Would you use a mask like this?  Do you ever use masks in the morning?  I don’t know, I kind of liked having a little calm pamper time before the day started.  It made me feel fantastic.  Lame? Maybe.  But true.  I hope you all are doing well and getting ready for a nice weekend.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

BowTube: Collective Haul – MAC, Maybelline, NYX, and More!

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 7.29.46 PMHey there bow friends!

If you missed my explanation for why I’ve been absent for the last week, basically, I had an Organic Chemistry test that took away all of my time so I haven’t been posting as regularly recently.  But I do have another video for you!  Yup, another haul.  I refuse to feel bad about it.  Some normal posts will be coming your way soon.  Actually, another haul video might be coming your way too.  I divided them into two: this more drugstore haul and a more high end focused haul with a little twist.  I hope you will all enjoy this kind of thing.

MAC Studio Fix Powder FoundationMAC Blacktrack FluidlineL’Oreal EverPure Shampoo/Conditioner;
Dove Dry ShampooToni and Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturizing SprayBumble and Bumble Surf SprayLumene Bright Now Night CreamKiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye CreamLondon Rose Blush LipstickRimmel London Universal Lip LinerMaybelline Instant Age Rewind ConcealerMaybelline The Nudes paletteL’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush in Soft PinkNYX Powder Blush in Cinnamon.

Thanks for watching, everyone!  Is there anything specifically you’d want to hear more on?  Please let me know.  I’d love to review some things for you all and I’m not sure what to talk about first!

How are you all doing?  How’s school going?  Work?  My Organic test went well, by the way!  I’m kind of getting good at it.  I haven’t been understanding physics as easily though and Beau has been having to teach me a ton.  Fingers crossed I get better at it.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

BowTube: Tara Talks Trash – An Empties Video.

Tara Talks Trash

 Hey there bow friends!

Today I’ve got a new video for you.  If you’ve never watched an empties video, an empties video is where I collect up my used up products (I hoard my own trash, basically.) for the sake of giving you all thorough reviews on the products as well as letting you know if I would repurchase them or not.   These probably won’t be frequent videos as I don’t use products up that often, but I think being able to give a proper review of things is really handy.

L’Oreal EverPure Shampoo/ConditionerDove Dry Shampoo; Rimmel Stay Matte PrimerVaseline Spray and Go LotionThe Body Shop Coconut Body ButterOrigins Zero Oil CleanserOrigins Zero Oil Moisture LotionOrigins GinZing Eye Cream; Lush Tea Tree Toner WaterLumene Pure Radiance Night Cream.

Thanks for watching, everyone!  I hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions on any product, absolutely let me know so I can help you out.

Also, I wanted to say thank you for all of the support and awesome contributions you all have made to my midriff post.  You’ve all had some fantastic ideas about this post and a few of you have mentioned making it some kind of tag.  I say why not!  Go ahead and make a list of al the things you aren’t ashamed of.  If you’re going to do this #Midriff Confidence tag, please tweet it to me so I can share it with everyone and we can all bask in the glory of our strength and awesomeness.   Your confidence and ability to love your flaws is so inspiring and motivating.  I’ve been blessed with a bunch of strong guys and gals for readers.  I love you guys so much.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤ 

Getting Personal: Midriff.


Hey there bow friends,

Today’s post is a little different.  Although it’s titled “Midriff” it could also be titled “Things I’m Not Ashamed Of.”  I have realized there are some things I do or are a part of me that other people don’t like or find embarrassing.  I really hate that.  I hate it a lot.  It’s hard to be comfortable and confident in your own skin while being judged by those around you.  I thought I’d list things that I am not ashamed of in order to..feel better about myself.  Anyways, let’s get to that list.

  • I’m an average student and it takes a lot of work to be that average student.  I do the best that I can.
  • I do swear.  In fact I think I swear an average amount for a college student in their twenties.  It’s not my favorite, but I don’t hate myself for it.
  • I eat my feelings sometimes.  Often.
  • I used to overpack a lot.  Now I can’t live down that reputation.  Oh well.
  • As I’ve mentioned before, I’m over weight.
  • I have struggled with depression and anxiety since elementary school.  Panic attacks and all.
  • I’m a very sensitive person.  Ask Beau.  When I get really happy, I cry.  When I watch Long Island Medium, I cry.  First 10 minutes of Up?  I cry.
  • I love Lady Gaga.  Let me be a little more clear.  I love Lady Gaga.
  • I am, above all other things, a sass master.  I have strong opinions and an even stronger ability to make sure they are heard.
  • I talk loudly.  It’s in my blood to talk loudly.  My inner Puerto Rican refuses to be silenced.
  • Regardless of what others may think, I’m actually quite the introvert.  I have to try awfully hard to socialize with people and I surprisingly don’t like being with others all that much.  Social situations often times exhaust me.  What’s nice is once I am comfortable with people (My family, Beau and his family, my friends) I don’t feel like I have to try as hard.  This does mean I have a hard time making friends unfortunately.
  • I am obnoxiously proud of being from New York.  I’ve lived in Florida for 14 years and although it’s been home for that long, it hasn’t ever really felt like home. It’s just not the right fit for me.
  • Occasionally, I dress in ways that others don’t think is appropriate for my weight. For instance, showing a little bit of my midriff.  All I can say is that if it makes me feel good, I’m going to wear it no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

I’m really not embarrassed or ashamed of the person I’ve become.  As humans, we are constantly changing and developing.  I’m trying to learn to love that process.  I’ve also been trying to be a stronger person and to build my confidence lately.  I just thought something like this post might help me feel better.  I actually do feel really good now.  I’m going to make some tea and take some time to appreciate myself.

I encourage you to all tell me one thing you’re not ashamed of in the comments, twitter, or facebook.   We can be fancy and even give it a hashtag. #Midriff ?  Maybe it will help you feel better too.

We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy ❤

Beauty Exploration: Line Design.

Black Track Fluid lineHey there, bow friends!

I’m a huge fan of some liquid liner action, but have recently ended up spending some money on a gel liner from MAC.  How did this happen?  I was persuaded by a MAC girl who knew just what to say to get me to hand over my card.  That’s beside the point.  I got to participate in a special MAC event for the summer and my MUA and I decided to play around with a more angular and interesting eyeliner look.  With a MAC 266 and a steady hand, I somehow magically executed the perfect flick with a thumbs up and compliment on my handy work from the MUA.  

How was that magic possible?  Well.  It’s all about the approach.  The angled brush was fantastic to creating a clean sketch and allowed a lot of control.  This tiny sketch of a baby triangle lead from the lower lash line in the direction of the tail of my eyebrow as reference.  It was surprisingly simple.  Plus, the 266 is my brush of choice to define and fill in my brows.  I think more than one use justifies a purchase.

So what do I think of the Blacktrack Fluidline gel liner?  At first it was love.  Easy, smooth application and a decent amount of opacity.  About 3 hours later, I noticed it transferred onto my crease area.  Oi.  Now I don’t have oily lids and have never experienced transferring from my Milani Eyetech Extreme liner or the Maybelline Gel liner (buy this at like Walmart or walgreens for a price around $5.50.  It’s marked up at Ulta,) For such a decently pricy product with a big following, I’m surprised it didn’t exceed my expectations.  

I hope you guys enjoyed my slightly scattered thoughts on the liner as well as a recap on my love for the good old MAC 266.  Maybe with some trial and error I’ll figure out how to make the liner last.  Have any tips? Let me know!

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤



A College Life for Me: Dorm Decorating.

My Sophomore Year DormHey there bow friends!

My senior year is here.  That’s scary/gross/exciting to put into words.  Considering the fact that I’ve lived in dorms for the last 3 years, I thought I’d give you some tips and insight on how to get your decorate on.

  • Make it feel like home – One thing a lot of people fresh into college don’t do is make their dorm rooms feel homey.  You will be living in this little cube for 9 months out of the year.  A space that isn’t comforting or inspiring will often cause people to become homesick (Take it from me.).   Bring photos of friends and families, decorative pillows, stuffed animals, favorite books, and anything that makes you feel happy and cozy.
  • Be fair, but be true to yourself – Having a roommate (especially one you’ve never met before) can be hard to get used to especially when it comes to decorating/arranging your room.  Analyze your space and propose ways to make the most of what you’ve got.  Your room is a shared space and should therefore be created of shared ideas between the two of you.  If you want your desk by a window, speak up, but be kind.
  • Keep it practical – Think of organizing in a vertical way in order to make the most of your space.  Most rooms are small and come with a desk, night stand, small closet, and a loftable bed.  One of my favorite things to do is slightly raise my bed so I can store things like my hamper and storage boxes.  I usually bring a small fridge (Apparently some schools give you one, check before you shop.) and keep a bin of snacks or water bottles on top.
  • A bedroom not a storage unit – You can easily over stuff your room.  It’s probably best not to bring your entire wardrobe with you for school.  Most people go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so think of these times as opportunities to swap out weather appropriate clothing.  Bring decorative elements like small rugs, posters, photos, fairy lights, or whatever floats your boat.  My rule for knick knacks?  If everything I want to decorate with doesn’t fit in a shoe box, it doesn’t come to school with me.  You want a homey room, not a clutter cave.

I hope that this was helpful in some way.  Are there any other elements of dorms or college life you’re wondering about?  I’d love to help.  Speaking of help, I could probably use some.  I’m currently moving into my new apartment for school and still need to unpack tons of stuff.  Time for me to spend some time organizing my life.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

BowTube: Makeup Collection.

My Makeup Set UpHey there bow friends!

It’s been a few years and I haven’t even shown you my stash of cosmetics.  I was thinking about what to review next and thought I’d ask you all.   If you see anything in my stash that you are really interested in knowing my thoughts on, do let me know!

On to how I store it all!  Yes.  I did follow the typical trend of using the IKEA Alex Drawers.  I went for the shorter, wider ones instead of the tall ones as I like to use the top surface for decorating and things.  They are kind of pricey, but I think they’re worth it and match the aesthetic I’m trying to create in my room.  The construction of the drawers themselves wasn’t so bad, but greatly time consuming.  The drawers work well, except for the top drawer which pulled out really slowly for the first week or so.  It’s all good now.

The drawer organizers are the IKEA Stodja trays.  They fit perfect inside with some wiggle room and offer a clean and easy way to get your organize on.  Plus!  They are only $1.99.  They’re also pretty sturdy and clean up very easily.

I hope you enjoyed watching and if you found something you’re interested in knowing more about, let me know.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy❤